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The firm

Founded in 1994, AzamDarley & Associés is a boutique law firm located in the heart of Paris, in the 8th District, bringing together a team of lawyers with supplementary backgrounds and experiences, providing companies and their executives with a full range of legal services for their professional and patrimonial needs.

By understanding our clients’ activity, economic environment and specific needs, AzamDarley & Associés offers pragmatic, cost-efficient and proactive answers to the daily national and international legal issues they face, for both the achievement of their projects and the resolution of their disputes.

Because we cultivate a spirit of creativity and inventiveness and resolutely love creating, you will benefit, within the AzamDarley & Associés law firm, from a tailor-made support throughout the achievement of your projects and the development of your strategies.

We aim at bringing you our best listening to perfectly understand your situation and offer you the most accurate solutions for your needs and aspirations.

Creating means, for example:


  • Building-up the legal tools dedicated to the implementation of your ideas and your expertise, and setting-up the operational structures. We support many start-ups
  • Formalizing the corporate governance and the relationship between the shareholders within the framework of partnership agreements (by-laws, shareholders’ agreements)
  • Structuring external growth or acquisition policies
  • Identifying and protecting key elements of your intellectual property rights

AzamDarley & Associés assists clients throughout the development of their activities.

Our understanding of our clients’ businesses enables us to provide pragmatic services tailored to the needs of their structure, their activities, and the challenges they face.

Our role as privileged legal partner guarantees our clients a safe and balanced development of their business and structures, from start-ups to international corporations.

Developing means, for example:


  • Coordinating the fundraising of high growth potential companies
  • Conducting the legal engineering for groups facing important development or under reorganization
  • Safeguarding the legal framework of French and foreign companies facing the challenge of internationalizing their commercial activities
  • Assisting family offices in the optimization of their assets and their investments
  • Structuring investment operations, including real estate financing

Conflict resolution and defense of interests are specialties where AzamDarley & Associés has an established and reputable added value. Our experience in litigation and perfect understanding of available legal tools allow us to define with our clients the best strategies for the resolution of their disputes.

AzamDarley & Associés ensures a full legal representation to defend your interests before French, European and international jurisdictions.

Solving means, for example:


  • Providing solutions to shareholders disputes
  • Managing the disputes between business partners
  • Anticipating and preventing pending litigation
  • Assisting companies in financial distress
  • Facilitating conciliation, mediation and alternative dispute resolutions




International Business Law attorney, admitted to the Paris Bar in 1988.

Legal specialty areas: Mergers and Acquisitions and more generally, business consultancy (financing, investment and restructuring).




International Business Law attorney, admitted to the Paris Bar in 2000.

Legal specialty areas: advising banks, companies and private individuals in the fields of financings, securities, acquisitions and asset management.


François BARRÉ

François BARRÉ

International Business Law attorney, admitted to the Paris Bar in 2006.

Legal specialty areas: Commercial law, corporate law, banking law, commercial litigation, family office


Christophe LALLIER

Christophe LALLIER

International Business Law attorney, admitted to the Paris Bar in 2002.

Legal specialty areas: Corporate law (Mergers and Acquisitions, restructuring, fundraising)


Iuliana BABEI

Iuliana BABEI

International Business Law attorney admitted to the Paris Bar in 2015.

Legal specialty areas: Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Commercial Litigation, International Business Law

Alexandre MARTIN

Alexandre MARTIN

Attorney in International Business Law admitted to the New York Bar in 2013 and to the Paris Bar in 2016.

Legal specialty areas: Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Litigation (Civil, Commercial and Employment Law).


Isabelle TOVARU

Isabelle TOVARU

International Business Law Attorney, admitted to the Paris bar in 2018.

Legal specialty areas: Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate Law, Employment Law, Commercial Litigation



6 avenue Marceau 75008 Paris / France

T. +33 (0)1 53 67 87 37

F. +33 (0)1 53 67 87 39

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